In October, Ziggo launched a new campaign that focused more on the emotional experience of the extra TV packages: ‘Experience a new adventure every day’. In January Ziggo offers its clients something nice, in collaboration with Comedy Central: free comedy all month long. But how to create an emotional experience for the month of January?


After the festive and family-oriented month of December, January is always a bit of a let-down. And our New Year’s resolutions have all been abandoned by week three. This makes January a depressing month, with Blue Monday as its lowest point. So Ziggo wanted to cheer everyone up this month by making the funniest Comedy Central channels available for free. But if you really want to lift your mood, you need to do this all day long. Which is why we decided to give people live happiness updates through Holland’s favourite venting platform: Twitter.


Ziggo is cheering up its clients with Comedy Central’s funniest channels. On Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, you can use some merriment all day long. Which is why everyone who vented their sombreness via Twitter got an immediate, live cheer-up reply. A team of Ziggo people, agency creatives and stand-up comedians produced a personal reply in the form of a video sketch. This gave people a spontaneous and personal surprise, turning their personal blue moment into some hilarious content for all to enjoy.

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Eventually we made 63 personal videos, including these:

One week in advance, we announced the activation with pre-rolls and in owned media, using the hashtag #comedymaand. On Blue Monday, we focused on the content itself, creating reach through Facebook ads, tweets and videos. We also worked together with Comedy Central and partners like Upcoming. The campaign’s unique character created a true PR ofensive with exposure on national TV, radio, online (trade) media and newspapers. WNL, for example, was one of the first to catch on and ask what was going on.


The campaign was extremely successful and more than met its objectives.

Publications in the media

Comedymaand is a collaboration between Ziggo, Eigen Fabrikaat, and Badaboom.