From digital like to real like

The Objective

To introduce the Canadian province of Alberta to the Dutch; raise awareness for the great winter sport destination
that Alberta is and that it is actually surprisingly close. Secondarily, to sell more winter sport packages via the affiliated
tour operators and increase the number of passengers on KLM flights to Calgary.

The Idea

A Facebook campaign allowed the Dutch to place their digital Like on a map of Alberta. At the end
of the campaign the digital Like was actually taken to the selected spot in the form of a woollen mitten.
These ‘Real Likes’ were handed out to locals precisely on the selected spot in Alberta, Canada.

This not only allowed the Dutch target audience to discover the main ski areas but also get in touch with real Canadian locals,
since the woollen mittens came with a profile-tag with the personal details of the Dutch participant.
This enabled the Canadian recipient to return a thank you to the sender.

This is how we brought the Dutch and Canadians closer together.

The Campaign

We first established the Dutch Facebook page Wintersport in Canada. In the Facebook app the winter sport lovers were asked
to place their digital Like in the main winter sport areas in Alberta: Banff, Lake Louise or Jasper.
The additional trigger was to win a winter sport trip to Alberta to experience it yourself.

By using Google Maps, the participants were able to look around in Alberta and pick a good spot for their personal Like.
An animation then showed your Like flying from its current location to your selected spot in Alberta by means of geo-tagging. Participants could post this personal animation to their wall and share with friends.

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At the end of the campaign, the Likes were actually flown to the selected spot in Canada in the appropriate form of a woollen mitten. A card with your photo and Facebook profile was attached to the mitten so that the Canadian recipient of your Like could send a return message.


A teaser movie showed the woollen mittens actually departing for Canada.

The journey of the ‘Real Likes’ could be followed up close on Facebook, with daily photo updates and wall post updates.

To conclude the campaign, an online film was published with a registration of the like mittens’ entire
journey. In this film, Canadians personally thanked Dutch participants for the Like they received.
In the meantime everybody could see the beauty of winter sport areas in Alberta.

The Result

In many Facebook messages, fans turned into brand ambassadors of winter sport in Alberta.

The first friendships between Canadians and Dutch participants were forged.

Winter sport in Canada, Surprisingly close.