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Hot Wife fucked by husband while secretary watches

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*** 4 years ago
Huh funny. I guess I like kinky shit. Turned me on how she was dominated
Yum 3 years ago
The sexual dominance in this is so fucking hot! That’s how you take control!
Meow 3 years ago
This is sort of what I want. Except instead of him fucking his wife in front of me, I want him fucking me in front of his wife while she's tied up, crying in the corner-our private audience
4 years ago
Man I love this hell yeah
3 years ago
I'm mad that he went soft with both these fine ass ladies in the room. Fuckin shameful!
3 years ago
Who the fuck has a salamander in their home kitchen?
GirlsLoveCock 3 years ago
Love how he was dominating, but he couldnt stay hard.

Still a hot fantasy, id love to take part in.
Eliz 3 years ago
Made me cum!!
Uhh 4 years ago
What if he pokes her eye when he pushed his dick into her face saying apologize?
NYC 2 years ago
If I was the wife I would have been his good girl & ate the secretary’s pussy while he fucked my ass, not just my pussy.